1. Our terms do not affect your statutory rights.
  2. The customer agrees to permit access to the property, which is subject of the work by The Driveway Doctor on an unrestricted basis during reasonable working hours.
  3. All work is guaranteed for up to 4 years dependant on surface type and work type. Customer will be advised accordingly when booking. 
  4. The contract cannot be varied by either party except where the variations are agreed by both the customer and The Driveway Doctor, in writing.
  5. All prices are subject to a free site inspection if required and written quotation.
  6. The Driveway Doctor reserves the right to cancel any orders if advised by our technical surveyors.
  7. Pressure cleaning will not revive fading of colour due to sunlight or age.
  8. Major site clearance required prior to works may incur additional charges.
  9. Free access to a good water supply and 240V power socket from clients property is required.
  10. Oil, solvent, chewing gum and cement stains may not be removed in all cases.
  11. All areas to be worked on within the site / project specifics must be sound in construction.
  12. Many sites will require a return visit as surfaces need to be clean and dry before commencing the full restoration including the re-sanding or sealing work.
  13. Pressure cleaning may loosen or remove unsound, broken, damaged or perished surfaces, pointing, blocks, paving stones and insecure brickwork. In all cases the cost of any reinstatement will be the customer’s responsibility. These works may be carried out by us or by a third party subject to agreement.
  14. All prices within quotation valid subject to at least half of the written work being accepted.
  15. The Driveway Doctor will use its best endeavours to commence the work on or as close as possible to any appropriate start dates and times as agreed. Failure to meet any agreed start date due to inclement weather or for whatever reason will not be a condition to cancel the contract.
  16. Upon completion of this contract, any further work or remedial work needing to be carried out must be submitted to The Driveway Doctor in writing clearly identifying the location of the problem.
  17. Refunds. In the very unlikely event of a mishap, we offer a no quibble refund policy.