How To Clean a Resin Bound Driveway or Patio

How to clean resin bound / resin bonded driveways, patios and pathways properly & safely.

Resin bound driveways, patios and pathways are fast becoming more and more popular mainly because of their unique designs and tough finishes. However, these surfaces are not impervious to dirt, oil, and atmospheric pollution so still need regular cleaning to maintain their stylish look.

As usual, we are getting our fair share of visit requests to make good damage caused by other companies using the destructive single jet lance method of cleaning. Some industrial single jet washing lances can exert around 4000psi of pressure over a very small area and typically, if used in the wrong hands, can easily cause irreparable damage to a resin bonded surface.

So why is this? Well, a resin bound surface is constructed using a mix of resin and aggregates, stones and sand plus crushed glass. These components are laid together and are strengthened by a chemical hardener.  Over a large areas, these components can make for a very strong surface layer that can withstand the day to day weight and movement of vehicles. BUT if a huge amount of pressure is applied to a tiny area, the resin can get broken down and the attractive stones inside can be compressed or blown out leaving a hole in your surface. Liken this to stiletto heel damage to your prized wooden floor!

Here We See A Nicely Cleaned Resin Bound Pathway

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Before and after resin bound cleaning Before and after resin bound cleaning

Now, how should a resin bound surface be cleaned? Well, not by jet washing with a powerful single jet lance thats for sure, but with a specialist rotary cleaner called a Whirlaway.  Of course its doubtful you will find one of these in your shed or garage so we are happy to provide a complete resin cleaning service for you at a very reasonable cost. It is also possible that we can make repairs to your surface but we’d have to take a look first to be sure.

The special rotary cleaner we use utilises very high pressure water from a powerful petrol driven pump. The water is distributed evenly over a large surface area by many nozzles inside the Whirlaway that rotate at high speed simulating a rigorous brushing action. This method is not destructive, but plenty powerful enough to remove stubborn dirt and stains.

What’s more, once the cleaning process is finished we apply our own specially formulated Resin Bonded Rejuvenator and UV Protection solution to keep the surface gleaming, weed and mould free for a long time to come.

It would be true to say that we have come across very well laid resin bound driveways and some very poorly laid ones. The latter being of a much softer consistency mainly due to an incorrect component mix or simply because they have been laid in the wrong weather conditions. Softer surface = More risk of damage.

DIY. If you’d like to have a go at cleaning a resin finish yourself, try a domestic jet washer. The Halfords’ type of cleaners don’t provide anywhere near the same high-pressure of water as a commercial unit so wont be very effective, but even so, it’s still possible to leave unsightly zig-zag lines, or worst still damage the surface if care isn’t taken.

Better still, leave the pressure washer in the garage or shed and arm yourself with a big bucket, some detergent and a stiff brush… Plus lots of elbow grease! The more physical effort you put in the better the result. But, allow at least half a days scrubbing for a small driveway to see any changes at all. Once you are happy, rinse down with a hose and think about sealing in all your hard work. There are some domestic sealing products available that vary in quality so read reviews before you buy. And be sure you are really happy with the finish you have achieved before applying sealant as its difficult to go back once the sealant has hardened.

But why tire yourself out or take the risk of surface damage? Let the Driveway Doctor take care of your resin bound surface cleaning safely and thoroughly, whatever the size.

For the more curious, click here to find out more about resin bound surface’s on Wikipedia.

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