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A Bad Experience Story From One of Our Customers.

From time to time we get a call from a very disgruntled customer, thankfully not one of ours! 

The story usually goes like this…

Type of Driveway: Drive way block paving , patio flagstones
Complaint Details: Had driveway block paving power washed & sanded it but did not seal this & the flagstones were not cleaned properly and Mrs ****** has tried to contact the driveway specialist who completed the job but he has been unreachable. Mrs ****** feels that she has been scammed and is very upset that the work was not completed & uses the garden for the children that she childminds and Mrs ****** is very upset that the driveway specialist did not do a very good job and did not return on the Saturday and would like this to be resolved urgently please.

We responded quickly and as we had a forthcoming job planned in her area, we arranged to pop in free of charge to take a look at the mess the previous driveway cleaner had left.

When we arrived, we were truly shocked at the state for Mrs ****** driveway and patio. The so called ‘specialist’ had blown all of the sand from between the stones and dislodged many of them by using an inappropriate high pressure single lance jet washer. There was a very poor cleaning job done and sand was left strewn across the surface and no sign of any sealant at all.

Sadly Mrs ****** had paid for this this shoddy work because she felt obliged, even though she was very unhappy with the standard of workmanship. And you’d think a terrible job like this would be cheap. It wasn’t, a considerable amount of money was paid out.

We booked a time to revisit and set to work. We re-seated the stones, cleaned with our specialist Whirlaway machine, re-pointed some damaged stones then re-sanded and grouted using Narrow Joints grout. To finish the job, we sealed the surface with our own special formula sealant which will keep the surface gleaming and weed free for some time to come.

As it transpired, the company that Mrs ****** used completely vanished, their website was removed and the phone number ceased. This happens often and the company will no doubt re-emerge under another name and carry on doing the same shoddy work and continue to rip customers off.

Mrs ****** was over the moon with the work the Driveway Doctor carried out as can be seen from the Whatsapp comments, and the before and after patio image below. (Shown with permission of Mrs ****** )

Before and After of very poorly cleaned patio. Move the slider left and right to see the Driveway Doctor transformation. And yes, the before picture was taken after cleaning by the previous company.

Cowboy patio clean. Patio after the Driveway Doctor cleaning

Delighted customer text to the Driveway Doctor

Watch Out For The Driveway Cowboys!

A cowboy

The moral of the story, call the experts. call the Driveway Doctor!

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